15 май 2012

More New Music

Information about my upcoming CD release titled Saoirse Cnoc.

In advance of my new release I have been working on some remixes to add as bonus tracks to the physical CD.  Another sample is below which you are free to download and share.

A lot has changed since I first began recording music back in 1996.  Physical CDs were a lot more expensive to produce and more people purchased them than they do today.  There was no such thing as Pandora, Spotify, I Heart Radio or any number of other online platforms to promote music.  But, while there have been many changes the ultimate goal for all recording artists has remained the same: to have their music reach as wide an audience as possible.

With that goal in mind my newest release, titled Saoirse Cnoc, will be freely available as a digital download.  I hope you will listen to the songs, enjoy them, and share with as many people as you can.  I will be making the music available on several different online platforms including Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Bands.com.  Each site is linked with many social media platforms making it very easy for listeners to share tracks with others.  If you like what you hear I ask that you please share!

In order to reach the listeners on Pandora I will also be making a physical CD available through Amazon (this is a requirement to be considered for Pandora).  I understand that some people (myself included) still like having a physical CD with cover art, liner notes, and other material.  So, these will be available for a small price.  Each CD will also contain an access code to a website where you can access special bonus tracks not available on the CD.  I will also be posting additional material there including videos.

Recording music is not by day job or even my night job!  I record music because I enjoy it and I am happy to be able to make music available for you to listen to.  More and more artists these days are independent and not associated with any record label That means that in order for them to continue recording they need listener support.  

At this point, I just want listeners!  Feel free to email me with comments and feedback.  I would love to hear what you think about my music!



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