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Kevin Browne Kevin Browne Kevin Browne
I am an assistant professor of Philosophy at Jefferson Community & Technical College in Louisville,KY. My philosophical interests include philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, libertarian philosophy, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein. In addition to teaching I also do philosophical counseling and produce an internet podcast titled Radio Free Philosophy.
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Hand in Hand
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Blue Sands
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Classical / Contemporary
Classical / Contemporary
Melody for Carrie
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15 May 2012, Article
More New Music
In advance of my new release I have been working on some remixes to add as bonus tracks to the physical CD.  Another sample is below which you are free to download and share. A lot has changed since I first began recording ...
13 November 2011, Article
Music as a Loss Leader
There's no question that major changes have shaken up the music industry and will continue for the foreseeable future.  Subscription based music services like Spotify and Rhapsody are growing in popularity as are services such as Pandora. ...
11 November 2011, Article
The Christmas Lounge
The Christmas Lounge CD is now available at  and iTunes.  You can download a FREE 5 track EP of The Christmas Lounge at  Bandcamp .  The Christmas Lounge contains elements of world music, lounge music, new age, and ...